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About Dr. Janet Zand

Système 41 was custom-designed by a dedicated team of scientists with a combined 80 years experience developing cosmetic lines for doctors, salons, and leading skin care companies. This team, lead by Dr. Janet Zand and Dr. David Wood, made it their mission to develop an all-natural skin care line that has the ability to revive aging skin so it looks and feels years younger. The result is Système 41, which contains advanced skin-science nutrients formulated and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA.

Dr. Janet Zand, O.M.D., L.Ac is a Board Certified Acupuncturist, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a nationally respected author, lecturer, natural health practitioner and herbal and nutraceutical products formulator who has helped thousands of people achieve better health. In! Magazine describes Dr. Zand as "Hollywood’s Best Kept Health Secret" because of her "A"-list clientele of movie stars, rock stars and professional athletes. With over 25 years of experience in natural medicine, she was the co-founder of McZand Herbal and the formulator of ZAND Herbal Formulas, which are sold in natural health stores throughout the country.

Dr. Zand is also the co-author of three books on natural health and healing, including Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, Smart Medicine for Healthier Living and the Nitric Oxide Solution. She has been featured in Elle, Allure, The Los Angeles Times, Life Time TV, and the BBC.

She is the lead formulator for the Systeme 41® line of all-natural skin care products, and edits the popular Skin Care Insider weekly e-letter.

David Wood, Ph.D. has over 40 years experience as a research chemist and scientist. He specializes in formulating advanced anti-aging skin and personal care products, using only the most cutting-edge natural ingredients. Dr. Wood worked on the research and development of over 15 different brands of personal care products – many of which include the most famous household names in the cosmetic and hair care industry. Today, he is dedicating his career to formulating the revolutionary new advances behind Système 41.

Système 41 is a cutting edge line of 100% natural skin care products. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that your skin care products are made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Système 41 products are:


 No animal testing

 No artificial colors or fragrance

 No surfactants or detergents

 No mineral oil



 No chemicals or acids

 Manufactured in the USA of all-natural ingredients

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