Finally! An Eye Serum That Delivers Noticeable Results in 24 Hours (or less) ...

And continues to deliver age-defying results the longer you use it!

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, you probably use an eye cream to help smooth away wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. And you may have also noticed that the vast majority of eye creams – even the most expensive ones – deliver few, if any, results.

Some of these products take forever before you notice anything. And usually the difference is so subtle that it’s hard to tell whether it’s working at all.

Then there are those “Instant Effect” eye creams. These work by covering up your wrinkles with an ultra-thin film. The effect is an eye area that looks smooth and wrinkle-free.

But apply these products wrong, and your skin looks thick and blotchy. And whatever wrinkle smoothing benefits you experience wash away the minute you cleanse your face.

In the end, your crow’s feet don’t look any smoother. Your dark circles are still there. Your dry patches are just as dry as ever and your wrinkles haven’t budged.

And you’re frustrated with wasting your money on yet another eye cream that doesn’t deliver the benefits it claims.

So what choice do you have? Keep trying cream after cream and hope for the best?

Well, I’m happy to say there’s an exciting new discovery for aging skin. One that’s a game-changer when it comes to recapturing the bright, wrinkle-free eyes of your youth.

It’s a discovery that powers up the production of special skin cells called ceramides. As you may know, ceramides are special fats that make up over 50% of skin tissue. And they can have a HUGE role in helping your eye area appear smooth, supple and wrinkle-free.

Ceramides form a protective barrier that keeps moisture in and environmental damage out. They reduce dryness, redness and irritation. They also help keep your skin firm, supple and wrinkle-free.

Basically, the more ceramides you have, the more youthful your skin appears

Naturally, young skin contains plenty of ceramides. But ceramide levels begin to decrease in your early 30s (right around when you notice your first wrinkle). And continue to decrease as you age.

You notice it with dryness, sagging, puffiness, and all those other signs that make you look years older than your true age!

Well, scientists have now found a way to replenish your natural supply of ceramides. It’s an advanced compound called Ceramide NG, and it mimics the action of the ceramides in your own body.

And it’s helping women in their 50s and 60s look at least 10 years younger than their true age.

Not only does Ceramide NG dramatically increase production of your skin’s own ceramides, it plumps, lifts and firms the delicate skin around the eye area – starting the minute you apply it.

“Increases moisture and suppleness by 300%”

In one study, volunteers with dry skin applied a cream containing Ceramide NG to their skin twice a day for 8 days. Then, scientists took a series of MRIs to measure the amount of moisture contained in the skin.

The scientists were surprised to find that Ceramide NG increased skin moisture and suppleness by an incredible 300%! It also helped skin look smooth, soft, and radiant too.

Ceramide NG is one of the most effective compounds I’ve seen to give you firm, luminous skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles. And it helps repair and protect sensitive skin, too.

But as effective as Ceramide NG is on its own, it works even better when combined with this next ingredient. It’s a blend of two plant sugars – and it can work near miracles for rewinding the clock on aging skin!

Revitalizes and renews in 24 hours... Delivers softer, smoother skin in 28 days

Recently, scientists created a natural, plant-derived peptide called Aquaxyl. It’s one of the best peptides for helping our eyes appear smooth, supple and years younger. Here’s why.

Aquaxyl has the ability to absorb deeply into skin tissue to circulate ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid (HA) throughout every layer of your skin. HA has an amazing ability to hold moisture and repair your skin’s barrier. It also ‘plumps up’ your skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible.

As a result, Aquaxyl can keep your skin dewy, hydrated and supple from the minute you get up in the morning to the minute you go to bed. And it gets even better...

One 28-day study showed that Aquaxyl increased ceramide production by a whopping 139%.

Another study shows that it smoothes away fine lines starting in less than 24 hours ... giving your skin a softer, smoother feel in just 28 days.

Thanks to the dynamic duo of Ceramide NG and Aquaxyl, it’s now possible to wake up every morning with fewer fine lines than you had the day before. They help your eye area look brighter and younger-looking as the weeks go on!

Where can you get these advanced peptides? Well, some eye creams contain them individually. But it’s essential to use them together if you want to experience all the results shown in the research studies.

Announcing New Système 41 Eye Serum

That’s why I called the top-notch formulators at Système 41. Together, we developed a new, spa-strength eye serum. It includes the clinical levels of both Ceramide NG and Aquaxyl, along with other select, skin-loving ingredients.

It’s called Système 41 Eye Serum. And it’s specifically formulated to target and dramatically improve the look and feel of your eye area.

This gravity-defying serum contains a combination of science-backed peptides, botanicals, antioxidants and other advanced ingredients to rehydrate, reduce puffiness, and help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

All so you can cheat the time clock and take years off your eyes

If Système 41 Eye Serum contained just Ceramide NG and Aquaxyl, it would already be one of the most effective products available to plump, smooth and brighten your eyes.

But since your eye area is the first area on your face to betray your age, I knew the serum would need to include this next ingredient. It’s a neuropeptide that combats one of the first signs of aging: expression lines. Not only does it help erase them from view... it keeps them from coming back!

The next-generation peptide that can stop wrinkles in their tracks

Did you know that every time you laugh, smile or speak, your facial skin is subjected to involuntary micro contractions? It's true.

Over time, these contractions lead to expression lines, like crow’s feet ... and those pesky “11 lines” between your brows. Not only can those lines make you look years older, they also get worse over time!

There used to be nothing you could do about them. But now, scientists have developed a remarkable peptide that softens the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles.

This advanced wrinkle-reducer is a special peptide blend called Argirelox. And it helps stop these micro-contractions from happening. The result? Smooth, supple, wrinkle-free skin!

And here’s the best part: not only does Argirelox deliver near-immediate results, it works even better over time.

Plus, Système 41 Eye Serum contains additional youth-enhancing compounds that can take years off your appearance

Système 41 Eye Serum contains even more skin-loving ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to restore fullness… brighten the under-eye area … fade away dark circles and tame your puffy eyes.

Along with Ceramide NG, Aquaxyl and Argirelox, you'll also find …

  • ChroNOline – This plant-derived peptide contains special growth factors that help boost production of collagen, elastin and other key compounds. Research shows that it can rejuvenate overall skin tone and help undo years of skin aging starting with the very first application!

  • Botaniceutical CPS - A peptide that increases collagen production by a remarkable 175%. Collagen helps your skin remain firm, smooth, and youthful. What’s more, studies show that Botaniceutical CP also can decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles by a whopping 45%.

  • Kukui seed oil - This Hawaiian skin-rejuvenator is loaded with essential fatty acids which deliver powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, E and other antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage as well as improve the elasticity of your skin - which is vital for your eye area.

  • Zand Hydro-Lipid Complex - This exclusive blend of botanicals helps target aging skin on multiple levels. It contains antioxidants to repair UV damage; probiotics to restore skin balance; and herbal extracts that help nourish, detoxify and soothe.

  • Hydresia - Hydresia is a patented extract of safflower oil that retains your skin's natural moisture and softens skin texture, so it looks plump, youthful and glowing. It’s also a rich source of skin-loving Vitamin E.

Système 41 Eye Serum also includes antioxidant-rich pomegranate and green tea; skin-loving Vitamins B3 and B5; chlorella and beach tree bud extract; and a host of other skin-transforming ingredients that can erase years from your face.

In fact, I don’t know of any other eye cream – even the most upscale, department store brands – that contains the ceramides, peptides and advanced extracts that Système 41 Eye Serum does!

Everything in Système 41 Eye Serum is good for your skin

Like every other Système 41 product, our Eye Serum contains no chemical emulsifiers that can dry out your skin. No harsh acids to burn your skin. No petroleum-based oils that clog pores. And absolutely no synthetic ingredients that may trigger inflammation, allergic reactions or breakouts.

Just gentle, pure ingredients that love your skin.

And here’s something else you should know: all the ingredients in Système 41 Eye Serum are contained in a base of aloe vera. Why? Because aloe is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that soothe, nourish and protect your delicate eye area. And it feels cool and refreshing, too!


Plus, our beautiful Miron Glass bottle preserves potency and effectiveness

Finally, Système 41 Eye Serum is packaged in a beautiful Miron glass bottle. The dark-violet hue of the special glass blocks out any visible light that can degrade quality and potency. Yet it allows violet, ultra-violet and infrared light to pass through. These lights help maintain product freshness while also protecting against bacteria and pathogens.

Miron glass offers a completely natural way to keep the eye serum fresh, potent and effective for several months. And it looks beautiful on your bathroom counter, too.

Best of all, Système 41 Eye Serum delivers visible results fast - and the results get better the longer you use it

You may even see a difference from the very first day as your eye area takes on renewed radiance. Within a few short weeks, you’ll notice even more exciting changes. Fine lines start to fade. Puffiness melts away. Dark circles and skin blotches lighten, too. But don't take my word for it…

Women across the country are raving about how youthful they look!

We have received hundreds of emails and calls from folks who tried Système 41 Eye Serum—and are thrilled with the results!

"My crow's feet have disappeared!"

“The crow’s feet around my eyes have disappeared and the appearance of my deep wrinkles seem to be less than before I used the cream. My husband says my skin is smoother. " -- Maxine Campbell, Lexington, SC

“I feel younger when I look in the mirror”

"My skin is smoother and I have fewer fine lines and wrinkles, especially around my eyes, cheeks and chin. I feel younger when I look in the mirror.” -- Cheryl Tyree, Winder, GA

“My fine lines faded away..."

“My skin has showed improvement. The appearance of the lines around my eyes has gone." -- Kathy Lombino, AL

“My dark circles are finally fading”

The eye serum feels so cool and soothing when you apply it. After using it for about 3 or 4 weeks I could see that my eye area appeared smoother and brighter. Plus, it’s the only eye serum I ever used that actually helped lighten up the dark circles under my eyes” -- Donna R., NJ

No more puffy eyes!

"The most change I've noticed is around my eyes. It seems to me that they are not as puffy as they were. The skin certainly feels softer." -- Patricia Stout, IN

"Made the wrinkles above my lip disappear!"

"I decided to try the serum on the zillion of fine lines above my lip. What a huge difference. The appearance of those fine lines almost disappeared and several of my co-workers thought I had some type of laser treatment." --Jane T., CA

Try Système 41 Eye Serum at the Lowest Price

Système 41 Eye Serum costs just $59.00 plus free shipping and handling! It's a good way to test it for yourself, even though you will pay list price.

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You can diminish wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and bags – and take years off your appearance

Système 41 Eye Serum protects the delicate skin around your eyes from free radical damage. It strengthens and restores firmness and elasticity. And it amps up much-needed moisture. People will notice how fresh and young you look – and may even start to wonder if you “got work done!”

It's like turning back the clock to a younger, more vibrant YOU! What’s more...

For Greater Savings, Order 2 Bottles

I suggest you order two bottles for just $109, plus shipping and handling is free.

You'll be able stock up, you'll save on each bottle, and you'll save the hassle of having to order two times!

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Système 41 Eye Serum is an exceptional value

If you bought a similar eye serum of this quality at a department store or fancy spa, it could cost $100.00 or more. And I can tell you that these upscale brands do NOT include the special blend of ceramides, peptides and botanicals that Système 41 does.

They do NOT include Ceramide NG or Aquaxyl. And they do NOT include Argirelox, hydresia or our exclusive Zand Hydro-Lipid Complex either.

Since I work with my own lab and exclusive source of suppliers, I'm able to keep costs down - way down. There's no middleman … no television advertising … and no ultra-fancy packaging. That means no extra markups along the way. It also means that I don't have to skimp on ingredients, either!

So why wait another minute to get the hydrated, youthful skin you've been dreaming of? Call 1-800-791-3446 or click below to order now.

For The Biggest Savings...

You should try 3 bottles for just $159, plus shipping and handling is free. You'll save and get each bottle for just $53!

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Whatever you choose, you’re completely protected by our “Bottom of the Bottle” Guarantee

Another great thing about the Système 41 Eye Serum: It’s 100% guaranteed.

It’s GUARANTEED to make your eyes look smoother, brighter, and youthful.

It’s GUARANTEED to contain the most advanced polypeptides, botanicals and nutrients shown in studies to deliver dramatic results.

And it’s GUARANTEED to moisturize and hydrate … erase puffiness and dark circles ... fade away crow’s feet and “11” lines … and so much more.

If you don’t notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels, just send it back within 90 days — even if you’re at the bottom of the bottle – and we’ll refund your purchase price. No hassles, no questions asked.

But don't take my word for it. Why not see and feel the results for yourself? There's absolutely no risk — and it's so easy to get started. Just call toll free at 1-800-791-3446 or click here to order now.

Yours for younger-looking skin,

Dr. Janet Zand, O.M.D., L.Ac

PS: Don’t let crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness make you look older than your years! Système 41 Eye Serum helps reverse the signs of aging you can see...while preventing the future problems you can't. Apply it around your eye area morning and night after cleansing. Your skin will feel fabulous in no time!

To order, click this link or call 800-791-3446 and get ready to experience total skin rejuvenation naturally. Remember, you're 100% protected by our "Bottom of the Bottle" Guarantee!

  • "My eyes look softer and brighter."

    -Rosemary T., An Eye Serum Customer

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Ingredients Include:Aloe vera leaf juice, safflower oleosomes, rose hip seed oil, bakuchiol extract, kukui seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, cholesterol, macadamia seed oil, palmitoyl tripeptide-37, caprooyl tetrapeptide-3, sunflower seed oil, neem oil, glyceryl stearate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, pentapeptide-18, glycerin, sodium stearoyl lactylate, red algae extract, ascophyllum nodosum extract, asparagopsis armata extract, pomegranate fruit extract, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, chamomile flower extract, calendula flower extract, beech tree bud extract, green tea leaf extract, hydrolyzed algin, biosaccaride gum-1, chlorella vulgaris extract, sea water, gotu kola extract, arnica flower extract, ceramide ng, phospholipids, xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol, xylitol, lecithin, tocopherol acetate, retinyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, niacinamide, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, cholecalciferol, thioctic acid, phytonadione, citric acid, xanthan gum, sclerotium gum, pullulan, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl undecylenate, ubiquinone, dimethylaminoethanol, sodium phytate.
* Dr. Janet Zand is compensated by Système 41 for her work in formulating and endorsing this product.

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