Customer Success Stories *

* Below are actual letters from real users of Systeme 41. Based on an 8 - week study, the average user could expect a 14% increase in skin hydration, an 8% decrease in the number of fine lines, and an 11% decrease in the depth of coarse wrinkles. These customer's statements may not reflect the typical purchaser's experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The reviews should not be taken as the results a typical user will get. Your results may vary.

"I have been using Système 41 Eye Serum as well as Moisturizing Day Cream and Night Treatment for over 6 months now. I like the fact that it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my skin and there isn't a floral smell of any kind. I have tried numerous products from the department stores and have been satisfied with some of them. However, Système 41 is a better product for my skin. The skin under my eyes no longer feels dry and brittle. And my face feels much more moisturized than previously. My husband also started using the products as he has very dry skin that flakes and itches. He said it stopped it completely. We really like these products and will continue to use them."*

Bonnie F.
Santa Rosa, CA

"After only two weeks, the Night Treatment is my favorite of the products. I really like the rich texture and feel it is absorbing nicely into my skin. Overall, my skin texture feels smoother and more supple, with greater elasticity. The ingredients seem valuable to me."*

Sharon B.
Santa Rosa, CA

"Nothing short of a miracle! I had dry skin all my adult life and living in the tropics didn't help. I ordered three boxes of Système 41 products, in sheer desperation. WOW! Within three weeks my skin was soft and glowing. I could hardly believe it. At last, a skin product that gives what it promises. Thank you."*

Dawn Cohan
Carmel Heights, CA

I've noticed that my skin is smoother and just looks healthier. When I had to make a trip to another country and my husband didn't want any checked bags, I decided not to take all of my Système 41 products. I really noticed a difference while I was away. I have purchased other products in the past that I thought were adequate. My skin did not have the same moistness and texture as when I use Système 41 products. I am very pleased with Système 41!"*

Paula Baldwin
Spanaway, WA

"This stuff works! I have very sensitive skin and do not use any products that contain chemicals. After using Système 41 for only a few weeks my overall appearance has changed. My skin is more supple, the fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible. I live in Northern Nevada where the climate is harsh. Hot and dry in the summer and cold and dry in the winter. My skin is looking better than it has in years. I highly recommend this product!."*

Jeannette Hansen
Sparks, NV

"Start taking care of your skin. Start using Système 41. I have been using the cream and the appearance of my skin has improved."*

Elli Nassin
Townsend, MD

"I have noticed an increase in skin hydration. I like the cleanser very much. Now my skin feels vibrant after washing. I am very affected by product smells. I like the Day Cream. The Night Treatment took awhile to get used to but I do like how my face feels after application. The eye treatment is great. The application amount is always just right and has helped for the appearance of line reduction around my eyes. Thank you for a wonderful, all natural product."*

Elizabeth Herleruk
New Milford, CT

"At 54 years old, I was looking for a natural, complete skin care system. From the first day of using Système 41, I loved the simple routine (not 10-12 different products) and the way it made my skin feel. Within a couple of months I noticed my skin changing…a smoother more radiant complexion and a firmer tone. The appearance of fine wrinkles smoothed out. Not surprisingly about a month after beginning the products, others began to notice too. A long time family friend even remarked that I looked younger. Secretly she wondered if I had some kind of face lift or "procedure" done on my face. Thank you Système 41."*

Debra Barham
Cordova, TN

"After finishing my first order, yes, I have smoother, more noticeable moist completion. Thank you for the product."*

Janet Geraty
San Francisco, CA

"I just have to write to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Système 41 products. Not only do the products smell heavenly, they have also made my face feel so soft and smooth. I am 58 years old with a very nice complexion. In the past I have used excellent products but have decided to discard them since I chose to go the natural and organic way with Système 41. My face and neck are even better than ever. My friend gave me a kiss on the cheek and commented on how soft it was. I, of course, told her about Système 41. Thank you Système 41!"*

Teresa Carlisle

"The Système 41 skin care line has been very good to my skin. Since I began using it, I've noticed a very nice change in my complexion. There is a definite reduction in the appearance of my pores, making my face smoother and more even in tone. There is a lovely glow - a radiance that makes me feel good about how I look."*

Diane Bagley
Burbank, WA

"I have always looked a lot younger for my age, but living in the desert dries my skin. This product has shown an increase in skin hydration and an increase in skin smoothness. I like the product."*

Martha Thomas
Yuca Valley, CA

"I admire your interest in how Système 41 is reported by customers. I ordered two essential kits with high hopes that the treatment would improve the appearance of my wrinkles. I followed the directions daily. There was an increase in moisture and skin smoothness. Since the Système 41 formula helps the skin retain moisture and protects its delicate balance, I plan on ordering the Day Cream and night treatment. In my career, for fifteen years I was licensed to give facials and sold cosmetics. I receive compliments on my face even with the pesky wrinkles of later years. Keep the Système successes going."*

Louise Humphreys
Blue Springs, MO

"Yes, I have seen an overall improvement in skin tone and radiance. I ordered the eye revitalizing cream which I think helps a lot. Thank you very much for Système 41!!."*

Helen Murata
Kaneihem, HI

"My interest in Système 41 is based on skin care products without all the chemicals. I especially like the cleanser. I noticed an improvement in hydration, smoothness, and a cleaner complexion requiring a minimum of makeup."*

Gloria Cassel
Onalaska, WI

"My skin is mostly dry, particularly my cheeks and forehead. After using Système 41 for the last few months I have noticed my skin has more moisture than before. My eyes are less puffy too. I really like this product and plan to continue using it."*

Cindy Lucchesi

"I have very dry yet sensitive skin so I was hesitant to try anything new on my face for fear of a major reaction. For the last 5 years I have been using Sonya Dakar products - which are great but costs me on an average of over $500 a month. The first time I used the cleanser I loved the way it smelled (smell is important) and how wonderful the product made my face feel. No bad or harsh reaction either. Then I tried the moisturizer and loved how hydrating it was. I am fortunate not to have many wrinkles or fine lines around my eyes but decided to try the Eye Serum on the zillion of fine lines above my lip. What a huge difference. The appearance of those fine lines seem to almost disappear and several of my co-workers thought I had done some type of laser treatment. All the products in the program have been amazing and now Système 41 has taken over as my daily skin care regimen. Not only does my skin looking healthier and younger but I am also saving almost $400 a month!"*

Jane T.
Torrance, CA

"I have been using Système 41 for 2 months now. My skin feels amazingly hydrated and soft. I can't live without the Rejuvenating Masque. It makes my face appear smoother and brighter. Système 41 calms my sensitive skin and gives it a radiant glow even while living in the dry climate of Southern California.

My 72 year old mother is a big fan as well. Until trying Système 41, she struggled to find a product that would absorb into her skin. Most other products would just sit on the surface. Since using Système 41 my mother has noticed a remarkable difference with her complexion. It tightens and tones everything without drying out her skin. She especially loves the eye cream and even uses it on the fine lines around her mouth!"*

Redondo Beach, CA

"I am pleased with the Système 41 product. My skin is much smoother. It feels so good after I do the masque. I believe the appearance of my fine lines are disappearing too. Thanks for the good Système 41. I will tell others about it."*

Mrs. Willie Diggs
Canyon, TX

"Within three days the dark circles under my eyes began to lighten and my skin felt so soft. The cleanser is excellent — it gets all my makeup off, even waterproof mascara. But here's the best part: I have a problem with broken capillaries in my cheeks that are hard to cover up, even with makeup. After two weeks of using Système 41, the spider veins started to recede! Thanks so much for introducing me to these products...I'm a believer!"*

Patti DiSantis

"First of all I love the fact that there are natural ingredients in the cream. My skin has showed improvement. The appearance of the lines around my eyes has gone. My skin tone has improved."*

Kathy Lombino
Decatur, AL

"Having used the Système 41 skin care kit for several months now, I have found that the Eye Serum helped to significantly decrease the look of a worry line I have as well as decrease the appearance of crow's feet I was starting to develop.

I like both the day and night creams. The first time I used the Day Creme, it felt like it hydrated my skin better than any product I have ever used...even my old, much more costly favorite. My skin actually continued to feel fresh and hydrated all day! I have never experienced that with a moisturizing cream before."*

Kristina Hopkins

"My skin is soft and smoother. The appearances of my wrinkles are better. The skin tone is better."*

Betty Beauchamp
Avon, OH

"Système 41 is an amazing product. I haven't felt such smoothness in my skin since I started buying skin care products 30 years ago. The appearance of wrinkles doesn't show up as much, and I don't even feel the need to use a foundation, because my natural glow and skin tone are back. This product has given me my natural radiance on the outside and a renewed confidence on the inside."*

Jan Mueller
Terrebonne, OR

"The most change I've noticed is around my eyes. It seems to me that they are not as puffy as they were. The skin certainly feels softer."*

Patricia Stout
Winchester, IN

"Yes, my skin has been moister after using Système 41, even though we live in a dry climate. I have noticed a decrease in the appearance of my fine lines, and this is nice. My skin has a nice color now and that I do enjoy."*

Nina Loefke
Temecula, CA

"Système 41 has been my only skin care product for five weeks. Last week my dentist told me I had beautiful skin. A few days ago my daughter told me that the appearance of dark circles around my eyes was much lighter and they looked much better. Thank you Système 41!!"*

Frances Bruneau
Phoenix, AZ

"I have been using Système 41 for a month now and I am happy with the results. My skin is more radiant, smooth to the touch, and more hydrated. I plan to keep using Système 41."*

Twila Newman
Denver, CO

"I have recently started on my second set of Système 41. My skin appears more hydrated. The crows feet around my eyes have disappeared and the appearance of my deep wrinkles seem to be less than before I used the cream. My husband says my skin is smoother. My skin does not feel taut after cleansing any more. I am well pleased with the products."*

Maxine Campbell
Lexington, SC

"My skin has been smoother. My doctor's office girls wanted to know what I did to retain my beauty. They said they had more wrinkles than I had. I have enjoyed Système 41. It's easy to use and has great results."*

Coleen Rhine
Tulsa, OK

"I wish to tell you that I like your Système 41 products. My complexion is softer and not so dry."*

Estelle House
Glendale, AZ

"I have sensitive skin. I am pleased with the Système 41 products especially the night and day eye creams. I will continue to use these as I feel they are very good for my type of skin."*

Juanita Fisher
Fox Island, WA

"My wife said the appearance of my wrinkles around my eyes have gotten smaller. Also, my forehead lines are smaller. I like the product."*

Dean Todd
St Charles, MN

"Since I started using Système 41 my skin is a lot smoother and softer. I could tell the difference in about three days. My skin is brighter. The radiance it gives me is good. It has helped my skin with dryness. It is moist now and I really love the eye cream, and the night cream. They are my favorites, but I like the mask and day cream also. I think Système 41 is the best product. I love every one and will continue to use them. Thank you for the wonderful product."*

Marilyn Wyss
Belton, TX

"I have noticed some improvement in skin smoothness and hydration. The cleanser is so nice to use and I do love the mask as well. As a system it is easy to use and feels really good and clean. I have definitely seen an overall improvement to my skin tone and elasticity."*

JoLyn Bundy
Topeka, KS

"The Système 41 has decreased the number and the appearance of fine lines. I love how my skin is hydrated. I like the night treatment and the Day Cream. They are thick, non greasy and make my skin feel like it has moisture 24-7. I will definitely be buying more."*

Betty Bernritte
Havensville, KS

"I have been using Système 41 for about 6 weeks and the difference is amazing. My skin is soft. My skin was like sand paper and now I have the appearance of less fine lines. I love the products."*

Sherry Melchiorre
Santa Barbara, CA

"Since using Système 41 my skin has improved in its appearance. My age spots are less noticeable and the appearance of my wrinkles have lessened. My skin is soft and hydrated. I am 63 years old and continue to teach school. Many people say that I do not look my age. I enjoy using the system because it is nurturing my skin outside as I continue to take care of the inside with nutritional food and supplements. I do not use make up but my skin looks youthful and healthy."*


Becky Gardner
Shreveport, LA

"I have noticed less redness and greater hydration of my skin. Two friends have also asked me what I am doing differently and an esthetician commented on the dryness of my skin the first time I saw her before using the products. The next time I saw her, perhaps three weeks after using them, she commented on how hydrated my skin was."*

Janice Hougen
Bozeman, MT

"I want to let you know how pleased I am with your product. My skin feels so much smoother and I believe the appearance of fine wrinkles have decreased. I am pleased that I'm using a product that has natural ingredients that replenishes my skin's moisture and glow."*

Frances Boykin
Turlock, CA

"What has been the most satisfying about Système 41 (particularly the creams night and day, and the cleanser) is that the results last longer throughout the day. Since most of us can't return home for most of the day, this is a significant benefit. Also a matter of considerable interest and importance are the scientific reasons for its adoption. None of this kind of information accompanies most skin care products, especially the long term negative effects of so many products."*

Patricia Sokoloff
Winston Salem, NC

"I thought I was just looking and feeling better. I went to the hair dresser (I had began using the product after my last visit) and she asked what I had been doing to my skin because it looked so different. She said the appearance of my eyes looked more lifted and my forehead looked less wrinkled. Who knew? I especially like the eye cream I was attracted to Système 41 because it was simple, reasonable priced and of course all natural."*

Patricia S
Winston Salem, NC

"I love the way the product feels and lasts. The results are instant, creating a feeling and look of youth. Youthfulness is most important to me. Système 41 is the best I have found!."*

Celestine McMahan-Wonels
Felton, CA

"I am pleased with the results of using Système 41. The appearance of my skin is definitely smoother and I think the depth of my wrinkles has decreased. I also noticed a decrease in the appearance of fine lines."*

Imogene White
Carm, IL

"I am loving my Système 41. As I get older my skin seems so dry, but I love putting my moisturizer on each day. I have also noticed my skin feeling smoother."*

Jan Rosencranz
Pasadena, MD

"I have been using Système 41 for 3 ½ months. My skin is smoother and I have the appearance of less fine lines and wrinkles, especially around my eyes, cheeks and chin. I feel younger when I look in the mirror. I love the products."*

Cheryl Tyree
Winder, GA

"My skin looks fresher, not so dry and tight, with the appearance of fine lines not so obvious under my makeup. My face does not look tired so much anymore. Thanks for the great products."*

Lan Kable
Yorba Linda, CA

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Système 41. My skin looks better than it did when I was younger. My skin is hydrated. The lines and sags and parenthesis have drastically reduced. I can't be without this marvelous pure skin care. I especially love the masque."*

Sheryl Coffey
Tyler, TX

"Système 41 is not only the "cleanest" and most elegant skin care product line I have used, but it is clearly the most effective - virtually overnight. The glow and silkiness it imparts to the skin is a testimony to the unique blending of beautifying oils and targeted botanicals that tone, smooth, and hydrate all day long. I am so intrigued with the apple stem cell ingredient and look forward to the gradual fading of sun spots and diminishing of wrinkles as I continue to use these outstanding products both day and night! ."*

Ann Templeton,

"After using Système 41 for 3 months, I can say, without hesitation, that the products are great!

I've tried very expensive products in the past, but didn't stick with any of them because I couldn't see or feel the results.

I love how the Day Crème makes my skin feel. It feels more hydrated and smoother, as when I was younger. I use the Eye Treatment every day and night. It's actually diminishing the appearance of those fine lines.

My personal favorite is the Purifying Cleanser. Its creamy texture and yummy, light natural fragrance leaves my skin feeling super clean, more toned, but still soft.

Thank you very much Système 41 for providing products that really work, and without chemicals."*

Susan Allhusen
Tokyo, Japan

"Having my dry skin, I have to be picky about what I put on my face. Système 41 seems to hydrate and make my skin feel smooth and soft."*

Janet Thurston
El Reno, OK

"Colorado has a very dry climate and Système 41 has helped my skin tremendously. I'm softer and smoother. Am glad I found you."*

Kathryn Ghilino
Littleton, CO

"Though I was a sun worshipper in my younger days I have for the past few years tried to reverse the sun damage that was done. I recently re-ordered Système 41. My skin is much softer, the appearance of fine lines seem to have diminished and specifically a reduction of wrinkles in the neck area. So I do see definite overall improvement in my skin. My friends say I look ten years younger."*

Karma Kriz
Grand Junction, CO

"Since using Système 41 night cream I have been amazed at how much my skin has improved. My skin is not only smoother; it has a healthy glow about it. The appearance of lines on my cheeks has almost disappeared and my smile lines are less noticeable. Friends can't believe I am 77 and an old friend asked me if I had "anything" done to my face. I like the fact that it is 100% natural."*

Emillie Ying
Huntington Beach, CA

"I have noticed skin hydration and increase in skin smoothness. I do like the night treatment."*

Adeline Yampieri
Elgin SC

"Since I've started using Système 41, I have noticed my skin looks and feels much healthier and overall, my skin tone and radiance have improved greatly."*

Karina Gentron
Los Angeles, CA

"Système 41 is the super emollient luxury skin care I have been looking for. Having tried brand after brand, what I love most about this product is the way my skin feels in the morning. When I wake up and wash my face, the night crème is still there! No dry skin after a long night's sleep.

The eye crème is wonderful too. I love the pump bottle — so user friendly.

Thank you, Système 41, for making my skin feel softer, tighter and moister than it's been in years."

Nancy Wood.

"My skin has definitely improved since I started using Système 41. I have fewer fine lines and my skin feels noticeably smoother."*

Marion Shaffer
Cordova, TN

"I have enjoyed all the products of Système 41. Hydration and smoothness improved. I also loved the subtle fragrance of natural origins. A little goes a long way. The product last for 3+ months."*

Laura Blumterg
Dothan, AL

"My skin has really improved, but it will take a lot more time to decrease the appearance of lines above my upper lip. I am very pleased with the results so far."*

Adrina Barrera
Olympia WA

"Since using Système 41 I have noticed that my skin is softer. I like the feel of my skin."*

Sally Fillmore
Cassell, MI

"Having used Système 41 for the last month the day cream and night cream once a day. I have noticed a decrease in the appearance of my wrinkles. Spots are hardly noticeable and puffiness under eyes just about gone. Overall it leaves my face with a smoother shiny skin also helps on my forearms. It's one of the better creams I have used."*

E.D. Zamorsky
Brookside Village, TX

"I've been using the Système 41 skin products for a few months now and can really tell a difference. The texture of my skin is smoother, with the appearance of fewer fine lines around my eyes and less smile lines. I also love how soft and fresh my skin feels after washing at night and putting on the night cream. These products are truly superior to anything I've used. I plan to stick with them."*

Kim Schwalm
Germantown, MD

"I love a product like yours because it has good ingredients and no parabens."*

Paulie Spuller
Bloomington TN

"Living on a farm was wonderful, but all the outdoor work exposed my skin to the elements, which resulted in pretty dry skin. Since I have begun using Système 41 my skin is softer, with the appearance of many of the deeper wrinkles much less noticeable. I am very pleased with the overall appearance of my skin."*

Colleen Fleharty
Red Lion, PA

"Yes, there has been a smoothing effect and less blotchiness of my skin. My skin has a dewier or less dry look the appearance of some of the wrinkles has been minimized around the forehead and between the eyes. I use it on my neck also at night and it seems to help a lot. I will continue to use your product."*

Donna Nadelman
Knoxville, TN

"Everything Dr. Fuchs has written about the product is true. After using Système 41 products, my facial skin is definitely suppler and more hydrated. The products give my skin the appearance of younger skin. It's smoother and more hydrated with a softer less rough texture. It makes me like my imperfect self."*

Jane Scheer
Richfield NC

"Système 41 is a great product. My skin feels smoother and more radiant. I've noticed less fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all I like using an all natural product that is good for my skin."*

Jane Staggemyer
Near Albin, IA

"I have used many much more expensive creams, but never had so many friends notice the improvement in my skin tone and radiance. My skin is so much smoother and there is a noticeable decrease in the number of fine lines."*

Lisa Adams
Butte, MT

"I have noticed an increase in hydration and smoothness. I love that your products are all natural."*

Patricia Bowen
The Villages, FL

"I've tried other natural skin care products, and Système 41 is by far my favorite. It takes just minutes a day to use, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I've been especially pleased in how effective Système 41 has been in smoothing the appearance of sagging skin under my eyes and softening the appearance of "smile lines" next to my eyes. After using Système 41 for just a few weeks, I already feel like it's removed years of wear and tear from my skin. Système 41 makes me look years younger with no unpleasant side effects. Just ask my husband — even he noticed!"*

Lois Mentrup

"My skin feels less dry. I have sensitive skin and Système 41 products do not irritate it the way other products do."*

Mary Daegling
Aliso Viejo, CA

"I bought this for my girlfriend after she began complaining how "old" she looked, After using your product for several weeks we both noticed how the lines around her eyes and fine lines at the corners of her mouth had decreased. She and I both agree her skin is now smoother, softer, and firmer, very nice."*

Tim O'Connell
Lafayette, LA

"I started Système 41 in September 2010. It is now December and I have seen an overall improvement in the decrease of fine lines and an increase in skin softness, tone and radiance. I would recommend this skin care system to anyone who is looking to improve their overall appearance."*

Paula Orly
Smithtown, NY

"Yes, I did notice an improvement in skin and hydration. A decrease in fine lines perhaps so. Definitely skin smoothness, overall improvement in skin tone and radiance. I guess there is a slight decrease in depth of course wrinkles. Would probably need to continue to use the product to see more improvement in depth of wrinkles. Overall, Système 41 products are excellent. The creams go on smoothly and feel wonderful."*

Michelle Riddle
Fullerton CA

"I have baked in the sun for years with much dry skin. Unbelievably it is much improved. The natural ingredients are amazing. My skin is much softer. The results surprised me. My skin is thirsty for it."*

Lois Lenz
Norman, OK

"I love using Système 41. Since the first time I used it I noticed a difference in my skin. It looked a lot healthier, brighter, more moist. I can't wait to wash my face morning and night to put on my cream. I simply love it and the restorative cream is great. Always makes my face look brighter and shinier. I love the smell of it all."*

Myra Garvey
St. Louis, MO

"The cream is very rich and I noticed improved hydration of my skin. My skin is smoother too. I can't see a decrease in coarse wrinkles, but I really like it."*

Cynthia DaCosta
Santa Fe, NM

"I am extremely pleased with the way my skin feels and looks since I have started using Système 41. I will recommend it to all my friends."*

Mary Saunders
Prescott Valley, AZ

"Since beginning use of Système 41, the appearance of my wrinkles are less noticeable. My forehead wrinkles/creases have improved dramatically. Overall skin is firmer and smoother than before. I am very pleased with this product."*

Barbara Taylor
Wade, NC

"I have noticed an improvement overall in my skin. However, I've been using the cleanser quite often and I love it. This is the best cream I have ever used."*

Mary Lucas
Sandy Springs, GA

"Thank you for the great product line. My skin is so much softer and smoother to the touch. The appearances of my laugh lines are hardly visible plus the lines around my lips are finer. Thank you for the great product. I'm looking forward to seeing how it improves my relative's skin after I give her the extra set I bought to give her for her birthday."*

Marilyn Tompkins
Kaneohe, HI

"My skin appears smoother and more hydrated. The deeper wrinkles are less apparent. I have fine lines that are less noticeable."*

Fullerton, CA

"Love your Product!!! My skin has become soft and hydrated, dryness gone, lines are disappearing. Have used many products, but yours has been the best. Getting ready to order more."*

Claire Fischer
Las Vegas, NV

"I can really notice the difference in my skin. Since I started using Système 41 my skin is more hydrated and feels good to the touch. I've used other products in the past which were good, but I have noticed a bigger difference in my skin since using Système 41.."*

Irmy, Garcia
Miami Beach, FL

"My husband immediately noticed that my skin had taken on a "glow" or radiance. Système 41 is extremely rich and creamy in texture and a delight to use. My skin does feel smoother and the appearance of fine lines has diminished."*

Valena Valenti
Fullerton, Ca

"I really like using Système 41 because it is pure and good for my skin. I've never used day or night cream before so I think this product is putting more moisture there where I really needed it. I have very dark circles around my eyes and they appear to be a little lighter."*

Mary Stith-Ray
Sellersburg, IN

"I started using Système 41 about a month ago. My skin was dried and I could notice the lines. At present, my skin is more like it has been hydrated. I can sleep with the cream on too. I am glad I found a product that I am not allergic to."*

Carmen Rivera
Glen Mills, PA

"I have noticed an improvement. But the most noticeable improvement for me was my skin tone. It seems much more even and I love it."*

Jean Miller
Levelland, TX

"I have noticed a difference in the tone of my skin. It appears brighter and cleaner. It is softer and some of the appearance of fine lines is less noticeable."*

Margaret Daly
Nampa, ID

"Since starting my daily and nightly routine using Système 41, my skin has responded to the natural ingredients and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My skin appears smoother."*

Mary Ann McCarty
Wapakoneta, OH

"My skin is softer since I've started using the system. I like the cleanser. It goes on very smoothly. The eye cream helps with the puffiness and general appearance. The daytime cream seems to add a glow to my skin."*

Liz Dunlop
Kent, WA

"WOW! I have been using Système 41 products for about 4 months. I am very pleased and notice the extra hydration. It just doesn't get any better. I love the products."*

Phyliss Booze
Fincrestle VA

"Since I've started using Système 41 products I have noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. I have been very pleased with the way Système 41 is changing my face. I have noticed a difference in the fine lines, and some decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. Also, I love the smoothness in my skin tone since I have been using these products."*

Elizabeth Devere
Walnut Creek, CA

"My experience with Système 41 night and day cream has been very satisfying. I would definitely say the hydration and softness has improved."*

Es Eash

"This is a fine product. I am really pleased to have found something that works so well for a mature adult. I have dry skin so this product is perfect for me."*

Janice Robbins
Houston, TX

"This skin system is amazing! My skin feels more hydrated, relaxed, smoother and softer."*

Doraces Yader
Grantsville, MD

"I've seen a overall improvement in my skin since using Système 41 products. I'm ready to reorder the entire line."*

Bonnie Stanger
Snowflake, AZ

"Système 41 is different. Within 2 or 3 weeks of consistent use, I could see my fine lines — especially the "laugh lines" around my mouth — begin to fade. My skin looked and felt years younger and healthier. The skin around my eyes brightened as well. Never have I experienced such a dramatic change so quickly!."*

Donna Doyle.

"Système 41 does seem to be a fine product. The cleanser is soothing (a little goes a long way) and the two creams disappear into the skin leaving no shine or greasy appearance. Hydration is improved! Your cleanser deserves four stars.The skin is smoother and I do look better. The appearance of lines on the cheeks has lessened a little. Even the appearance of my forehead looks better. The appearance of lines around the mouth improved too, with a ways to go yet."*

Barbara Kasle
Shelby, MI

"I could see an improvement in my face after using Système 41 for only a couple of weeks. My face seemed smoother and more toned. As I continued, the improvement became more pronounced. The appearance of lines around my mouth seemed to "fill in" and my face had a dewy look. My husband began to comment on my skin saying "how come you wake up in the morning looking younger every day?" I try to keep my skin and body as healthy as possible. Système 41 has helped me do this. After trying other face products I am staying with Système 41. I have just ordered my second kit and will continue to recommend Système 41 to family and friends."*

Susan Sica
Brighton, MI

"Since I've been using Système 41, my over all skin appearance has improved. My skin is smoother and I no longer have red areas after washing. My skin is well balanced, especially in hydration. I have also noticed I have no breakout areas with Système 41 skin care products. I am very impressed with the products and how they are not using harmful chemicals on my skin. Overall I would recommend any of Système 41 products to anyone."*

Candice German
Lakeland, FL

Celebrity Reviews

"I am so excited to try the Système 41 products. I have heard so many great things about this skin care product line."*

Judi Evans
Days of Our Lives

"Thank you so much for introducing me to Système 41 products. I love them!"*

Nia Peeples
Pretty Little Liars

The Young and the Restless

"Système 41 has given me flawless skin that makes me look red carpet ready everyday! Système 41 is a part of my everyday routine to make my skin look its absolute best!"*

Candace Kita
Celebrity Style Editor,
Viva Glam Magazine

Christina Applegate

Natalie Portman

Jessica Alba

Hilary Duff

Melissa Joan Hart

(Photos: Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Melissa Joan Hart, and Christina Applegate are provided by Black Diamond Giftbag)

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