Is this oil better than olive oil for your skin?

November 20, 2015
Volume 3    |   Issue 46

As we age, it gets harder and harder for our skin to retain moisture. Maybe we're too busy retaining wisdom to have time for moisture?  Dry skin is one of the chief complaints I hear. I have patients ask me, "What do I do — my skin has turned into 'lizard' skin"? So I'm always on the lookout for products and ingredients that can help relieve dry skin.

You've probably heard about argan oil, as it's become a popular ingredient over the past few years. And for good reason: argan oil is remarkably hydrating. It contains twice as much vitamin E (a remarkable natural preservative and anti-aging antioxidant) as olive oil. Research published last year in the journal Menopause Review found that it can be an effective — and simple — solution for postmenopausal women struggling with skin hydration issues.

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For the study, researchers divided 60 postmenopausal women into two groups. They first went through a stabilization period during which they consumed butter (it's a hard job participating in these research studies). Then one group consumed olive oil for 60 days, while the other consumed argan oil. The women in both groups applied argan oil topically to their left forearms as well. Before, during, and after the 60-day period, the researchers evaluated their skin hydration by measuring transepidermal water loss and water content of the epidermis on their forearms.

They found that both groups saw significant improvement in skin hydration, thanks to the topical application of the argan oil. But the group that consumed argan oil as well as applying it topically had significantly better results.

As postmenopausal women often have difficulty maintaining the moisture level and barrier function of their facial and body skin, this one-two punch of topical and oral application could be the needed solution. And of course, if you're not yet postmenopausal, argan oil can still benefit you as well if you suffer from dry skin or simply want another moisturizing tool to add to your arsenal.

I like UNi's 100% pure argan oil from Morocco. It's organic, cold pressed, triple extra virgin grade, and well-priced. There are other similar brands that you can find on the internet as well. You can find UNi on and other websites.

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