Combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics Treats Eczema

November 18, 2016
Volume 4    |   Issue 46

You probably know that taking probiotics is good for your digestion. You also may know that prebiotics provide food for probiotics. But have you ever heard of synbiotics?

Don't worry if you haven't — and don't feel overwhelmed about having to learn about yet another "biotic." Synbiotics are simply a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics that can help support the bacteria in your gut. And it's also good for treating eczema.

But that's not all it can do. The journal JAMA Pediatrics recently published research indicating that taking synbiotics can help treat eczema in children. In fact, it took only eight weeks before the eczema began to clear up. The researchers aren't yet sure if synbiotics can actually prevent eczema, but they're planning to do more research to find out.

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While this study was done in children, there's been a good bit of research linking probiotics to decreased levels of inflammation. This recent study indicates that synbiotics, prebiotics, and probiotics can help clear up this inflammatory condition in adults as well.

The researchers also found that prebiotics alone might be just as helpful as synbiotics in clearing up eczema. But this is probably the case only if you already have a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. If you don't, you can add them by eating fermented foods, kombucha and/ or taking a supplement, such as Advanced Probiotic Formula. Then you can try feeding those bugs with a special prebiotic or simply eating plenty of fiber (such as the Bhu Fit fiber bars).

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