Amino Acid Reverses Hair Loss in Women

March 28, 2018

Most people who want healthy skin also want healthy hair. But for many of us, having healthy hair is elusive. Some are even experiencing hair loss. Fortunately, there may be a way to restore the fullness of your hair and even reverse your hair loss.

There are some forms of hair loss that are genetic, and it's true that those can't currently be cured or reversed. But many people begin to lose their hair as they age and simply assume that the trend is inevitable. It isn't always! That's because many instances of hair loss are actually due to an amino acid deficiency. And deficiencies can be reversed.

Several years ago, German researchers investigated the role of a particular amino acid in hair loss and regrowth. They divided people with significant hair loss into two groups. One group just got a placebo. The second group received a treatment of millet seed extract, vitamin B5, and the amino acid l-cysteine. In just eight weeks, the lucky members of the treatment group stopped losing their hair - and saw it start to grow back.

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Our bodies need l-cysteine to build many different proteins. But it's particularly important to the hair because it's one of only a few amino acids that can form the bonds needed to hold keratin strands together within the hair. In fact, l-cysteine is the key ingredient in 75% of the hair's outer shaft. Without it, hair falls out, and the body struggles with regrowth. An interesting note about the amino acid l-cysteine is that it's put into supermarket breads to more naturally extend their shelf life.

While we can get l-cysteine in our diet from high-protein foods like beef, lamb, chicken, sunflower seeds, soybeans, oats, pork, fish, cheese, eggs, legumes, and kamut, some people don't eat enough of these foods to have sufficient l-cysteine for healthy hair. Or, more commonly, as people age, they begin to have trouble digesting l-cysteine effectively in order to send it to the hair follicles where it's needed. In both cases, an l-cysteine supplement can help.

You can buy l-cysteine as an individual over-the-counter supplement. You'll know within about six weeks if taking it will help reverse your hair loss. But if you're going to give it a try, I recommend getting it from Healthy Hair & Nails. This formula contains plenty of l-cysteine to support your hair's follicles. But it also contains a variety of other vitamins, including biotin, a crucial nutrient for hair growth. I'll explain in future alerts why biotin is another key ingredient for looking your best.

To your health, naturally,

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