This Mistake Makes Skin Cream Useless

Dr. Janet Zand

May 1, 2020

Does it really matter if you apply toner before face oil?

Or a serum before your moisturizer?

The answer is YES! There is definitely a right order to apply skincare products.

Why does it matter? Because if you don’t apply them in the right order, you can run into these two problems:

#1 The products may not be as effective. For example, let’s say you try to put a thin, water-based product on top of a thick, creamy product. Well, the creamy product will form a barrier that prevents the water-based product from penetrating your skin. And if the water-based product can’t penetrate your skin, you won’t get the full benefits.

#2 You could harm your skin. For example, if you layer a cream or oil on top of your mineral sunscreen, you’ll reduce the sunscreen’s coverage and dilute its protection. And without adequate sun protection, you’re vulnerable to damaging UV rays, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, premature aging ... and worse!

So what’s the right order to layer skincare products?

Well, let’s assume you’ve already washed your face.

From there, the rule to remember is “lightest to heaviest.”

Lighter products include toners and serums. Toners and serums have a smaller particle size, so they can penetrate deeper into your skin.

After you apply the lighter products, work your way up to the heavier products, like oils and creams. Oils and creams will also lock in the lighter products you’ve already applied.

If that seems complicated, here’s a trick to make your routine super simple:

Use products that multitask.

For instance, let's say your night cream has hyaluronic acid, peptides, rosehip oil, and more. In that case, you don't have to worry about when to apply peptides or oils. You just apply your night cream, and you’re all set.

So remember, layer from lightest to heaviest, and look for products that multitask.

That way you’ll get the full benefit from your products while also simplifying your daily routine.



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