5 Ways to Beat Eczema (One is bone broth)

Dr. Janet Zand

July 24, 2020



Eczema is no fun.  There’s the constant itching, the scratching , and, for many, covering up your skin after you scratched, so others won’t see it.

The main treatments for eczema are steroid creams and immune suppressors. And while they can be effective for some, they’re not things you really want to use long-term.

But here’s some good news:  There are natural ways to beat eczema!

Here are 5 ways to help beat eczema…

#1 Help the good bacteria

Did you know that your skin has its own microbiome? It’s true! Just like your gut, your skin has good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The bad bacteria is associated with eczema, skin infections, and inflammation. However, the bad bacteria can’t take over if you have enough of the good bacteria on your skin. That means you really want the good bacteria to thrive!

So what can you do?

Well, one thing you can do is to avoid parabens. Parabens — a common preservative in cosmetics and soaps — block the growth of the good bacteria. And that may allow the bad bacteria to take over, causing painful eczema flare-ups.

To see if your skin products contain parabens, just check the label. You can also use an app like Think Dirty to find a paraben-free replacement.

#2 Try “nature’s steroids”

I mentioned earlier that I don’t recommend using steroids long-term. Instead, I prefer natural solutions whenever possible. But guess what? There are natural remedies that work much like steroids do, without the side effects.

One of my favorites is a cream called Kamillosan Salbe, which is from the chamomile plant. It contains natural steroids that help reduce inflammation and don’t minimize the skin’s own natural defense system.

#3 Look for unusual suspects

Did you know that many household products can cause eczema flare ups?  It’s true. Common culprits include cleaning products, dish soap, and laundry detergent. So try switching to more natural brands like Method, Seventh Generation, and Ecover.

If that doesn’t work, try eliminating allergenic foods. The top 5 associated with eczema are soy, shellfish, cow’s milk, eggs, and gluten. Try eminimating them one at a time, and see if it helps clear up eczema.

If not, then it might be time to consult an allergist, naturopath, or functional physician to help you pinpoint problematic foods.

#4 Nourish from within

You can also help treat eczema from the inside out.

To do that, I recommend drinking organic bone broth. Bone broth is great for skin health. Plus, it has bonus benefits like relieving joint pain and boosting your body’s own collagen production!

Another thing that can help is extra virgin cod liver oil or fermented cod liver oil (which are full of omega-3 fatty acids). And of course, vitamins A and D.

#5 Pay attention to your gut biome, too

One study showed that taking synbiotics (a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics) can help treat eczema...and participants saw results astonishingly fast!

The researchers aren't yet sure if synbiotics just treat flare-ups, or if they can actually prevent flare-ups. But they're planning to do more research to find out.

Whatever you do, don’t resign yourself to a life of miserable itching and scratching. With eczema, it’s often a matter of finding the right combination of remedies for each individual.

So try the five tips above, and let me know how it goes for you!

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