How to Look 10 Years Younger in Just 15 Minutes

Dr. Janet Zand

February 19, 2021

What if you could look a decade younger... the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee?

Well, you can! In fact, some of the most effective ways to look younger are also the fastest and simplest solutions.

Plus, these simple anti-aging solutions are as inexpensive as it gets.

So what are these anti-aging tricks?

#1 Ditch the powder

Sometimes anti-aging is about doing less.

And one thing you can stop doing entirely is using powder makeup. Why? Because unless your skin is very oily, powder can make your skin look chalky and ashy, giving it an aged appearance.

Powder also settles into lines and creases, highlighting the very thing you want to downplay!

So if you’re using powder to set your makeup, just skip that step! (And if you’re using powder as a foundation, try swapping it out for a creamy formulation.)

#2 Try the “instant lift” hairstyle

If there’s no time for a blowout, sweep your hair into a high ponytail.

It visually pulls the cheekbones up, making your whole face look more lifted.

Another tip: consider bangs.

Soft bangs will hide lines, frame your face, and draw attention to your eyes.

#3 Put down the tweezers

Eyebrows that are too skinny can make your whole face look older.

So go easy with the tweezers, only tweezing the strays under the brow bone.

Then, fake a fuller brow. Fill in brows with a sharp brow pencil, making tiny strokes that mimic the hair on your brows.

Finally, consider using a brow gel or try some castor oil and a tiny paint brush to make your brows look fluffier (and therefore fuller) and to hold them in place.

#4 Take a new approach with mascara

Maybe there was a time when you needed a few coats or more of mascara just to look awake.

But as we get older, we need a new approach. Why? Because heavy mascara casts shadows that accentuate dark circles under your eyes. It also accentuates the darkness in other parts of your face, like the shadows in wrinkles.

The solution? Use a light hand when you apply mascara. Begin applying at the outer edge and go towards the center of your face. If you apply mascara from the root your eyebrows will look fuller. When you apply mascara to the bottom lashes do so lightly and carefully.

#5 Boost circulation

When you boost circulation, your heart pumps out more blood than normal. This also increases blood flow to your face, which results in a youthful, rosy glow that can last for hours.

So how do you boost circulation? One way is exercise. Even something as simple as the Scientific 7-Minute Workout will boost circulation.

The other way you can boost circulation is by sitting in a steam room. (Or even a steamy shower, if you don’t have access to a steam room.)

And if you really want to make your skin glow before a big event, do a one-two punch: cardio followed by steam.

Try these tips out for yourself, and see how it goes. In fact, you could even try a little experiment...

Take a picture of yourself today. Then try these 5 tips tomorrow morning, and take another picture of yourself. Compare the before and after, and see what you think!


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