Warning: Don’t Use This Popular Skincare Product

Dr. Janet Zand

June 18, 2021



This product is the darling of the skincare market.

Dermatologists love to recommend it to their patients with dry skin, because it's supposedly so gentle.

And consumers love to buy it. After all, it seems to work, and it’s only $10.

But this product is NOT good for you or your skin.

So what is it?

Cetaphil. Yes, Cetaphil.

Consumers have been led to believe it's good for their skin. But before you use it to wash your face, you might want to take a look at the ingredients.

Why? Because the only natural ingredient in Cetaphil is water. The other ingredients are potentially harmful and toxic. Some of them are even carcinogenic.

Here are the ingredients:

• Stearyl alcohol. This is used to help other ingredients penetrate the skin barrier. The problem is that it does this by destroying the very substances that keep your skin barrier healthy.

• Cetyl alcohol. This is a type of fatty alcohol used as an emollient. While it’s less drying than pure alcohol, it can still cause skin irritation.

• Sodium lauryl sulfate. This gives the product its cleansing power, but it also strips your skin barrier.

• Parabens. Parabens are known hormone disruptors. They have even been linked to cancer in some studies.

• Propylene glycol. This is a popular humectant that’s supposed to bring moisture into your skin. But it also increases the penetration of the other ingredients (chemicals, in this case) into your skin and bloodstream.

You and your skin deserve better.

That's why I spent 2 years working with some of the best chemists and skin scientists in the country to find a cleanser that is strong enough to remove waterproof mascara ... yet gentle enough for the driest, most sensitive skin.

I had two stipulations. The product had to be...

1. 100% natural, and...

2. Beneficial to your skin, leaving it clean, soft, and moisturized.

Here’s what we came up with.


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