An Instant Fix for Lipstick That Bleeds Into Lines

Dr. Janet Zand

April 12, 2024

Few things can make you look older than lipstick bleeding into the lines and wrinkles around your lips.

Luckily, there’s a solution. You can make your lips healthier and more plump, to soften the lines and wrinkles. And you can use makeup tips that work instantly to stop your lipstick from bleeding.

Let’s start with the makeup tips...

First, lip primer. Lip primer is like a base coat -- it makes your lipstick last longer. And because it keeps your lipstick in place, lip primer can also stop the lipstick from bleeding into fine lines.

So apply it to your lips first, making sure it also reaches the very edges of your lips.

Next apply lip liner.  But don’t just line your lips with it. Instead, line your lips and fill them in with lip liner. Why? Well, lip liner is stickier than lipstick, so when you use it all over, it won’t bleed or feather around your lips.

Next, apply your lipstick. And if you really want to amp up your lips, apply a lip plumper on top.

Not only will a lip plumper make your lips look fuller, but it will reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips, too.

Some lip plumpers also contain beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which can help add hydration and volume.

So those are some makeup tips that will have an instant effect. But how do you prevent or treat fine lines around your lips in the first place?

Here are a few tips to try:

1. At night, do a 1-minute massage. A quick massage increases circulation, which makes your lips rosier and more plump. All you have to do is tap, gently pinch, or roll your lips between your index and thumbs. That’s it!

2. Use your skin creme. The skin around your mouth — where those lip wrinkles form — can benefit from anti-aging skin products, too. So when I apply my night creme, I make sure I’m applying it all the way up to the lip line.

3. Apply a lip retinol. Retinol on your lips will do the same thing as retinol on your face: minimize lines by boosting your natural collagen production. However, make sure you use a formula made specifically for the lip area. The skin on your lips is thinner and can be far more sensitive than the skin on your face. (One to try is Verso Lip Serum. It contains Retinol 8, a gentler derivative of retinol.)

Okay, so try these tips out, and let me know how it goes!

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