How your smartphone and computer are making you look older

May 15, 2015
Volume 3    |   Issue 19

I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if I told you that your neck can give away your age. But you might be surprised to hear that I'm not talking about the front of your neck and your décolleté (the area between your neck and breasts) — though signs of aging can certainly show up there as well. I'm talking about the back of your neck. A new phenomenon, called tech neck, is on the rise, and it can give away your age or even cause you to look years older than you actually are.

As you might suspect, given the name, tech neck results from all the devices we use. When you look at your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer, you're typically looking down. Your head is tilted at about a 45 degree angle. But of course, that's not a natural position for your head, and you're constantly looking up and down.

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That repetitive motion is wearing on your skin. The skin on your neck is very thin, so it's highly prone to wrinkles. If you're frequently folding and unfolding this skin, the elasticity is going to begin to break down.

If you're realizing that you're already showing signs of tech neck, there are some laser surgeries that can help repair the damage. But the best way to avoid tech neck is to prevent it in the first place. Try to move your smartphone or computer up so you're looking straight at them, not down. And limit the time you spend looking at your devices in the first place — you don't need to respond to each and every notification you get right away. Try taking a break and responding en masse at set intervals.

And of course, don't sit for too long. This can cause a whole other set of issues.  Every hour try to get up and move around for at least two minutes. You can do deep breathing exercises, jumping jacks, touch your toes, or just walk around. It's good for your circulation, and what's good for your circulation is good for your skin, hair, and nails.

And, of course, just like with your face, you can help prevent wrinkles by moisturizing. Try Système 41's Restorative Night Treatment to help keep the skin on the back of your neck soft and supple. I also recommend that you apply it to your face, the front of your neck, and your décolleté while you're at it. Hopefully your friends and family won't be too busy staring at their own devices to notice how great your skin looks!

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