Why skin tags are often a sign of a bigger health problem

June 26, 2015
Volume 3    |   Issue 25

If you have skin tags on your body, you may not give them much thought. If you've had your dermatologist check them out, he or she probably told you that these are small skin tumors — but they're common and benign. But what your doctor may not have told you is that these small tags may tell you more about your health than he or she mentioned.

In a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, researchers compared a group of 104 participants with at least three skin tags and an age-, sex-, and BMI-matched control group of 94 participants without skin tags. They wanted to compare something you might not expect between the two groups: prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).

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Everyone participated in a standard 2-h oral glucose tolerance test with 75 g glucose. And the researchers found that the participants with skin tags did indeed have higher frequencies of diabetes than those without (23.07% and 8.51%, respectively). There was not a significant difference in frequency of IGT, but there was a relationship between the total number of skin tags and the mean fasting-plasma glucose. In fact, 52% of patients with more than 30 skin tags suffered from diabetes. There wasn't a relationship between the number of skin tags and BMI.

Because it's so important to diagnose diabetes early, these results can help people recognize that they may have impaired carbohydrate metabolism before they receive a diabetes diagnosis. If you have skin tags, you should consider significantly cutting back or eliminating your consumption of sugar. You should also be careful not to consume too many healthy complex carbs at a time. While skin tags don't indicate you have a skin disease, let them be a warning sign nonetheless.

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